Colophon & Accessibility

This website is no longer being updated and should now redirect to my current business


Fonts used on this site are Snell Roundhand (main headers) and Georgia (body text).


This site was built with web standards very much in mind. It uses XHTML 1.0 Strict at its core which I have tried to make as semantically correct as possible while also allowing for future flexibility.


This site uses CSS 1 & 2 to control styles. CSS use has been carefully filtered to ensure that the site appears correctly in a variety of CSS capable browsers, including IE6/Win, IE7b/Win, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari on the Mac.


The site uses unobtrusive DOM-based ECMA-Scripting which has been applied such that it should degrade gracefully in non-JavaScript browsers or environments where JavaScript has been disabled.


The embedded flash on this site has been added using standards compliant markup and has suitable alternative static content that appears where the Flash player is not present or where JavaScript is switched off.


A degradable standards compliant design helps make this site widely accessible across a range of browsers and platforms. However, some design choices do run contrary to suggested accessibility guidelines. Notably this site uses pixel-based font-sizes that are not scalable in IE/Win. Given the nature of the site I felt this was an acceptable design choice. Should IE users require larger font sizes I recommend the use of a more flexible browser.

iPhone Icon

As well as a favicon for standard browsers, the site has an iPhone/iPod Touch icon for visitors who want to create a 'quick link' to it on their iPhone/iPod... so, that'll be just me then :)


If you've read this far you obviously have an unhealthy interest in the markup and code of my web site. If you've spotted any errors or if you'd like to find out any more feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting and taking an interest.