Lishmans of Ilkley Website

Lishmans of Ilkley

Lishmans is an award-winning butchers based in the historic spa town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire. The owner, David Lishman, is one of Rick Stein's Food Hero's and recently appeared on Gordon Ramsey's F-Word TV Show on Channel 4. They required a website that reflected the companies position as one of Britains best butchers.


  • New Corporate Identity and Branding.
  • Website that incorporates the new branding and showcases the shop.
  • Make it easy for customers to find the shop.
  • Include an easy to update latest news story and special offers page.


  • Designed and developed an XHTML/CSS website separating style from content as much as possible to ensure future expansion of the site is quick and simple.
  • Secondary navigation uses a CSS based rollover so it still works if scripting is disabled. It also features transparent background PNG's with a hack to ensure it still works in IE5&6.
  • Large Flash and XML powered image switchers appear on most site pages. Being XML-based makes these easy to change and update over time.
  • Customised Interactive Google Map and 'Get Directions' form added to make it easy for site visitors to find the shop.
  • All Flash/JavaScript content has suitable backup content to ensure the site degrades gracefully and continues to function when JavaScript or Flash is unavailable or disabled.
  • Transparency over Flash and over the Interactive Google Map initially caused some technical difficulty which was overcome. Unfortunately Safari for Mac fails to render this correctly (a known bug according to Apple) but it is still usable and this was considered a sacrifice worth making.
  • Developed a bespoke PHP-based Content Management System to allow regular updating of news, special offers and newsletters.
  • A PHP-powered Mailing List manager was developed to collect email addresses of people interested in the future online store that Dulay Seymour has recently been asked to design.
  • An embedded Flash feature dynamically displays latest offers on a virtual blackboard, replicating how latest offers might be displayed in a traditional butcher shop.
  • Google Analytics was added to track site stats.