Servatech Website

Servatech is a much-respected IT solutions provider in West Yorkshire. Their site was in need of a redesign to keep their image fresh and to tie in more closely with their offline media. The site redesign aimed to get accross all the content they provided, within a site built to the sort of high technical standard that should be expected of a professional IT service provider.


  • Redesign and build a company website incorporating existing branding and logo, in-line with recent offline marketing material.
  • Display a random testimonial each time the homepage is reloaded.
  • The site needed to convey a large amount of textual information, supplied by the client, whilst aiming to avoid the need to scroll down the page where possible.
  • Ensure the site can easily be added to and updated over time.


  • Designed and developed an XHTML 1.0 Strict/CSS/DOM JavaScript website, separating style, behaviour and content and implementing a series of nested Dreamweaver templates. This allows the reasonably sized site to be updated with relative ease and speed and helps to ensure future expansion of the site is straight forward.
  • Some ECMA DOM JavaScript enhancements were included to allow some random testimonial rotation on some of the pages.
  • Graphic redesign in-line with Servatech's offline marketing materials.
  • The site also incorporates a neat Flash-replacement headers feature for the main headers on each page. This ensures the headers look their best by using an embedded non-standard font. But it meanst hey can also be updated in the same way as normal text since the replacement technique, unlike standard image replacement, is able to generate the 'look' of the new headers on the fly.
  • At the time of build the Strict XHTML 1.0 and CSS both passed W3C quality assurance validation.